Lemon Tree

Extra tart, not too sweet

We have a lemon tree, a very prolific lemon tree. Everyday a few lemons drop to the ground, and I hurry to pick them-up because I don’t want them to rot. But what am I supposed to do with all these lemons? We’ve been adding them to ice water, which most definitely helps to quench our thirst, and as a staple alongside Oresto’s fresh fish. But I needed to find a use for a couple dozen lemons, and fast, because they were getting soft

The simplest choice was to juice them and make lemonade. But you can only drink so much lemonade. So I tried something else: mixed the lemon juice with simple syrup and a dash of salt and poured the concentrated concoction into ice cube trays. This turned out to be a great way to add electrolytes to an otherwise boring glass of water. And how does the saying go? If a tree gives you lemons, make lemon bars! I searched through recipes, trying to find the simplest one, settled on one that used yogurt, since we are in the land of thick, creamy yogurt. Jonathan and I made a double batch using a few simple ingredients and they turned out creamy and delicious—more tart than sweet. Next time though, we will add more lemon zest for even more tartness. Now we have a few dozen lemon bars in the freezer that we can eat for dessert over the course of the next couple weeks—if they last that long.